September 2019, the month of Padre Pio

We are expecting you for midweek stays, on the occasion of the commemoration of the stigmata and his birth to heaven

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Every year, September is a month of joyful celebration in our San Giovanni Rotondo. In fact, we celebrate the recollection of the stigmata of Padre Pio, received on the morning of September 20, 1918, and his death, which took place on September 23, 1968.

In 2019, we will celebrate 101 years of stigmata and 51 years of heavenly birth. Not only on the 20th and 23rd of September, but throughout the entire month there will be celebrations and excitement in our San Giovanni Rotondo.  If you decide to take part in the events during the middle of the week, from Sunday to Thursday, you will receive a 10% discount on the total of your stay at the Padre Pio Spiritual Center.

(this offer is available for the entire month of September 2019)

10% off list prices
for stays booked between Sunday and Thursday

This offer is subject to limited availability

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Why people say we are special

At Padre Pio Spiritual Center we are all consecrated and to us having you here means following Padre Pio’s will. This is why ours is a sincere and discreet welcoming filled with passion, so that you can fall in love with this place as much as we do.

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“Each new day is a day to love, one more day to dream, one more day to live.”
“Keep close to the Catholic Church at all times, for the Church alone can give you true peace, since she alone possesses Jesus, the true prince of peace, in the blessed sacrament.”
“Time spent for the glory of God and for the health of the soul is never wasted.”
“Love forgets everything, forgives everything, gives everything without reserve.”

Padre Pio

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