Equipped rooms for international meetings in Apulia

For your international and business meetings in Apulia, we put at disposal seven halls able to host between 20 and 350 attendants.
You will have a chance to choose the one which suits you best based on the number of people invited in San Giovanni Rotondo.
The auditorium is equipped with:
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Professional sound system
For all meeting halls
It allows a uniform signal diffusion within the hall thanks to 100 to 300-watt loudspeakers with possibility of direction service. On request, it is possible to equip even the smaller five halls with amplification and sound diffusion through mobile direction.
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Centralized video-projection system
For the Auditorium Giovanni Paolo II and San Pietro hall
We also provide two fixed digital and mobile video cameras. The large 12 m2 projector comes with a video recorder, DVD and DV-CAM. The system can also receive terrestrial and satellite signal.
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Centralized infrared simultaneous translation system
For the Auditorium Giovanni Paolo II and San Pietro hall
Both are connected to the direction cabin and the five interpreters’ cabins thanks to a cable signal. The system allows the translation off ive foreign languages conveyed to the public via earphones and the related battery receivers.
You will also find:
Conference Services

  • Reception desk with welcome area and conference reception
  • Press room and office
  • Administrative office with photocopier, telephone and fax
  • Internet point - Web corner equipped with pc featuring graphic software, scanner and printer
  • Cloakroom service with surveillance personnel
  • Signs, customized folders and stationery products
Conference Services

  • Videoconference and Digital Video Device (DVD)
  • Bright display and other specific equipment
  • Layout of exhibition spaces, furniture and floral arrangements
  • Photograph
  • Hosting
  • Interpreting
  • Covered garage parking space
  • Shuttle transfer to/from Bari Airport with Minibus 4/8 persons or private car 1/4 persons
  • Shuttle transfer to/from Foggia Railway Station with Minibus 4/8 persons or private car 1/4 persons
  • Restaurant (buffet, happy hours, coffee break, business lunches, dinners etc.)
  • Banquets with custom-made menus
  • After-conference planning excursions, recreational programs, etc.

Why people say we are special

At Padre Pio Spiritual Center we are all consecrated and to us having you here means following Padre Pio’s will. This is why ours is a sincere and discreet welcoming filled with passion, so that you can fall in love with this place as much as we do.

Contatct us for a customized quote or further information.
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“Each new day is a day to love, one more day to dream, one more day to live.”
“Keep close to the Catholic Church at all times, for the Church alone can give you true peace, since she alone possesses Jesus, the true prince of peace, in the blessed sacrament.”
“Time spent for the glory of God and for the health of the soul is never wasted.”
“Love forgets everything, forgives everything, gives everything without reserve.”

Padre Pio

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